Media Advisory




In order to cover the World on Dialogue-2022 and European Golden Awards-2022 , interested members of the media must register and receive a confirmation email. Please find a link to the registration page here: 
Upon confirmation, each member of the media will receive further instructions that will facilitate your participation.

The World on Dialogue-2022 will be held in Brussels (Belgium) from November 5th to November 6th, 2022.

On November 5th , registration for media opens at 07:00 in the designated place ( which will be informed later to registrants). The inaugural address, which is open to the media, begins at 09:30. Please ensure that you are present at the registration desk at least two hour before the inaugural address.

Registration and entry will be closed at 8:30. The inaugural Network  sessions following the address
are by invitation only, however, we invite the media to join us for Coffee / meals throughout the conference.
November  9th and 10th will consist of full day sessions starting at approximately 9:00. The media will
have access to all public sessions. If someone is interested in recording any of the other sessions
for broadcastig purposes, please seek specific and special permission by email at  with the subject line “World on Dialogue: Media Special Permission.”
We will do our best to accomodate your request.

The agenda will be made public three days prior to the conference. Please keep in mind that session timings are subject to change. Please follow the World on DialogueTwitter handle (@WorldonDialogue), facebook page (@eiprhr) and our website for updates on changes to the schedule.

Camera risers and audio output will be available at the back of each public session on a first come,
first serve basis. These risers will have space for approximately 20 cameras.
There will be a media room available in the hotel for interviews with important dignitaries. Media
outlets shall arrange for their own equipment. To reserve the room, please email  with the subject “WorldonDialogue- 2022: Media Room Reservation” and
indicate the time slot you would like to reserve. You are requested to arrange your own times with
interviewees. We will be happy to forward your request for an interview but will not be responsible
should the interviewee not respond.

In addition to the private media room, there will be an open, designated zone in the foyer area
where the media can conduct public interviews. Please be mindful and brief while using this space.

All members of the media are bound by The World On Dialogue Charter of Participation, which
is available on the registration page. If any members of the media are found in violation of
conference rules, access may be revoked. 

In addition, we expect the media to be transparent and accurate in its reporting of conference
events. During the conference, the media is expected only to report on active sessions and
discussions, as well as mutually consented interviews.

For all media coverage during and following the conference, “The World On Dialogue” and its host
“The European Institute of Policy Research and Human Rights (EIPRHR)” must be acknowledged in full.
No media organization/personnel may use videos, stills, photos and/or related Intellectual
Property, excluding mutually consented interviews, for any purpose other than general
public viewing. All use must be duly attributed to the “The World On Dialogue” and its host the
“European Institute of Policy Research and Human Rights (EIPRHR)”.  All Media including photos, videos and any other form of electronic recording at the World On Dialogue are shared by the European Institute of Policy Research and Human Rights (EIPRHR)for fair and non-commercial use under a License.

For specific questions, please contact  Susan Goretti., Director, Communications,
European Institute of Policy Research and Human Rights (EIPRHR)at